I see the world in captivating vignettes.

I always have.

I enter a home, a garage, a basement, a bathroom or even the outdoors and my mind leaps to how I can weave together moments of beauty, joy and tranquility to create those same vignettes for my clients and myself.

I’ve always sought the opportunity to turn the imagined into the actualized. I’m forever fascinated by the simple act of creation. That’s how my decade-long photography business organically morphed into the real estate world, when my husband, our two children and I moved to my home state of Michigan in 2015.

Suddenly, I’d found the ultimate umbrella for…(Insert a breath + auctioneer’s voice)… the staging, graphic designing, writing, landscaping, organizing, consulting, public speaking, house flipping, home repair and photography that I’d been doing for so many years. With real estate, I didn’t have to choose. I got to be all of those things at once.

And so, I’m not sure of the perfect job title for that list. Yet frankly, the title doesn’t matter. The creativity, the regard for details, the ceaseless effort and the ability to make clients feel altogether taken care of is not just my occupation - it’s where my heart lies.

In that way, Finlan Homes seamlessly combines my skill set with that of my sister-in-law, Brooke’s. We share a sincere love for meticulous white-glove service and decades of experience in nurturing client peace of mind. We truly look forward to meeting and working with you.


- e.


© Images by Erinn Finlan

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