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Finlan Homes

Two realtors. One designer. One full service team.


Whether you're moving to a new city, welcoming a family addition, becoming an empty nester, or anywhere in between, we usher in a support system that has our clients feeling like family throughout the entire buying and selling process.

From your first home to your forever home, we've got you every step of the way.



Women's Council of Realtors, West Michigan

Brooke Finlan


brooke@finlanhomes.com • 616.433.5949

Family. Service. Education. These are my true passions.

Recognizing the moment when these passions came in to complete focus is often an elusive process. Yet, I genuinely believe that everything in my professional life - spanning throughout the midwest for the last 20 years - has led me to real estate. It’s an exciting moment to be in an industry that offers me the ability to serve family, friends and my community.

As a proud graduate of Grand Valley State University, I majored in both Hospitality and Tourism Management with Business Administration. And, after venturing to Chicago to dive head first in to the service industry with the Four Seasons Hotel, I was in a word, hooked. (It’s actually possible to be dazzled by intense training, especially when it fosters a lifelong love of providing white glove, five star service.)

Almost an eight-year stint with a real estate and property management company offered me the added experience of managing high rise condominium buildings, upscale projects, and collaborating on the most personal and significant of investments for an individual...the purchase of their home.

After returning to my Michigan roots in 2012, I've loved being with family in my beloved community of Caledonia and am grateful for the career opportunities that led me to my perfect real estate fit.

I welcome you to Finlan Homes! We are a small but mighty team consisting of myself and my sister-in-law, Erinn. We actively foster relationships throughout the buying and selling process while sparking a fun, supportive and educational backdrop to our ‘We’ve Got You’ level of customer service. I hope to connect with you soon!


- Brooke




Erinn Finlan


I see the world in captivating vignettes. I always have.

I enter a home, a garage, a basement, a bathroom or even the outdoors and my mind leaps to how I can weave together moments of beauty, joy and tranquility to create those same vignettes for my clients and myself.

I’ve always sought the opportunity to turn the imagined into the actualized. I’m forever fascinated by the simple act of creation. That’s how my decade-long photography business organically morphed into the real estate world, when my husband, our two children and I moved to my home state of Michigan in 2015.

Suddenly, I’d found the ultimate umbrella for…(Insert a breath + auctioneer’s voice)… the staging, graphic designing, writing, landscaping, organizing, consulting, public speaking, house flipping, home repair and photography that I’d been doing for so many years. With real estate, I didn’t have to choose. I got to be all of those things at once.

And so, I’m not sure of the perfect job title for that list. Yet frankly, the title doesn’t matter. The creativity, the regard for detail, the ceaseless effort and the ability to make clients feel altogether taken care of is not just my occupation - it’s where my heart lies.

In that way, Finlan Homes seamlessly combines my skill set with that of my sister-in-law, Brooke’s. We share a sincere love for meticulous white-glove service and decades of experience in nurturing client peace of mind. We truly look forward to meeting and working with you.


- e.

Director of Marketing and Design

e@finlanhomes.com • 262.672.1740


Missy Patterson


My heart beats to serve others!

And, I always feel like I’m doing my best work when I’m breathing amazing customer service, layers of vibrant attention to detail and an uplifting energy into my career path. It means everything to me to elevate client experiences through a desire to connect with people and create true community. 

Real estate offers a “fresh paint” backdrop where I can pay homage to my two decades of service-minded positions. In previously owning and operating a full-service family salon and then assisting area professionals at the executive level, I’m able to carry that never-ending work ethic, boundless joy and a knack for honest and guided direction into each of my client interactions as a REALTOR®. 

Those exact qualities are like punctuation marks throughout the rest of my life as well. I thread that commitment to creating memorable service opportunities through my membership in: West Michigan Women’s Council of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, Michigan Association of Realtors and the Greater Regional Alliance of Realtors (Grand Rapids.) I also spend my spare time acting, tapping and volunteering at the Grand Rapids Civic Theater, and additionally enjoy serving as a Deacon Member of my church. And true to that end - and most importantly - are my husband, two sons, and mini “petting zoo,” complete with six chickens, a miniature dachshund and a sweet parakeet! I’m proud to be a REALTOR® and honored to serve you with the white glove attention that is Finlan Homes. Together, we’ll create a memorable experience that will bring you joy and peace of mind. As the saying goes at Finlan Homes, We’ve Got YOU! 


- Missy


missy@finlanhomes.com • 810.730.4383


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